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Following the launch of the Houghton Furniture Company Collection, based on original 18th century furniture at Houghton Hall, Norfolk, we now offer a more modern group of pieces inspired by the Art Deco period of the 1920s and 1930s.

For Houghton Deco we have created a number of pieces that complement contemporary living: elegant consoles, side tables and chairs; a clean-cut oak desk with matching chair, and a superb dining table which can be made to any required length.

The oak furniture comes with either a light polish or a limed finish, which is so typical of the Deco period.

To help clients we are usually able to adapt items in the collection to specific requirements and will also create
bespoke pieces.

The furniture in the collection is handcrafted in our workshops at Houghton under the supervision of cabinet maker, John Ives, and given the Houghton stamp. All our wood is seasoned and selected from sustainable sources.

We would be delighted to discuss any aspect of
Houghton Deco.